A healthy body is must for a healyhy mind

Being fit not only makes you feel confident but also shows your determination, taking resposibilty and devotion toward hardships. Leaders demonstrate character, courage and strength not only in combat and high-risk situations but also in having the moral courage to be honest and sinsere.


be passionate in life &
have courage for right

Our main martial art styles are the following other than fitness programs for weight-loss, regular fit-body, body-mass gain, etc…

Mixed Martial Arts

Combination of techniques from all arts to become a versatile fighter.


Conventional Kick-Boxing tactics to master stand-position fighting techniques.


Specified Boxing course to master all punching & blocking techniques.

Loose Weight

Burn your calories & shape your body mass by our specialized water-cutting techniques.

Judo Karate

Live on to next generation by increasing your body's flexibility and better posture.

Brazilian Jui Jitsu

A fantastic submission art to overcome a larger and stronger opponent.

Group Coaching

Rs 3000 / Month

Team workouts include 9+ people and provide accountability and an energy-filled atmosphere that keeps you motivated. We recommend reaching out to our local club to find out which classes are offered.

Private Coaching

Rs 7000 / Month

Personal Training is offered in a one-on-one format and group basis led by a certified personal trainer, providing a very personalized experience at an affordable additional cost either on a one-to-one or group basis.

Limited Time Offer

Don’t wait! Be part of our community and become a healthy and confident member of society. Make Pakistan prosperous with healthy body and minds.

Offer ends at 1st April,  2020


Does Passion Combat Academy allow guests? What is your visitor policy?

Yes you can bring your guests for attending personal and standard classes. One day guest class cost you nothing, while more than a day will cost you Rs 200/day for bringing guests ?

What are academy timings ?

More than 5 group class timings are available, with 8+ different martial art styles. Or you can choose a personalized plan according to your needs with affordable additional costs.

Do I get any discounts for referring a friend ?

Yes, you and your friend both get a 30% discount for one month with a 20 minutes personal training session.

Do you offer any student, group or corporation discounts ?

Yes, we offer 50% flat discount for (only) Madrasa students, and 20% flat discount offer for senior-citizens & army-servicemen (veterans not included) ?

Do you offer family membership or joint membership options ?

Our club offers a variety of membership options including family membership plans and joint memberships. To find out which membership options are available for your time, please visit or contact us!

How much do we charge for yearly membership ?

Yes, we do have yearly membership plans available. For details visit our club or contact us!