Hamza “The Jaguar” Ajaz

Hamza Ajaz’s outstanding accomplishments in various combat sports were honed at Passion Combat Academy, where he received training and guidance to develop his skills. He learned and mastered his craft at the academy, which has contributed significantly to his success as an MMA athlete.

Hamza Ajaz, known as “the Jaguar,” is regarded as one of the top MMA athletes in Pakistan. Recently, he represented his country at the IMMMAF Asian Championship 2022, which took place in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Hamza’s impressive records in various combat sports are as follows: Wrestling: 8-3-0, MMA Amateur Record: 8-3-0, Boxing: 4-2-0, Grappling: 20-3-0, Wrestling: 9-3-0. In 2021, he won a gold medal 🥇 in the National Kickboxing Championship, and in 2018, he secured a gold medal 🥇 in the BJJ Festival. He also earned a bronze medal in the National Newaza 2022. With such remarkable achievements, Hamza is poised for a bright future.

Fight Record: