Hanzla Raheemi

Hanzala Raheemi, who goes by the name Al Shah Haadi, trained and represented Passion Combat Academy. In 2014, he joined Coach Usama Mehboob to start a team. Al Shah Haadi, along with Hamza Mehboob and Coach Usama Mehboob, used to train and spar with elite fighters such as Uloomi, Ahmed Mujtaba, Mehmoosh Raza, Kamran Iqbal, Haider Farman, and Zia Mashwani at Fight Fortress Islamabad.

Al Shah Haadi has achieved great success in his MMA career. He has won various fights representing Passion Combat Academy and was the Light Heavyweight Champion at National Fighting Tournament session 2, earning a cash award of 500,000 rupees. Additionally, he represented Pakistan at the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation in 2023. These achievements are a testament to his hard work and dedication.

Fight Record: